Export business

Our company is in the business of exporting many wonderful products in Japan mainly to Asian countries.




Japanese Green tea

Premiun Sencha, and Tamaryokucha. First picking & Deep steamed

Premium Tea

7 Aged tea, Ginger black tea, Roasted green tea

Butterfly pea tea

Butterfly pea tea produced in Japan is rare. Refreshing tea with the scent of lemongrass. Produced by skilled roasting technology involved in the production of Japanese tea for many years. So, this tea doesn't have the peculiar smell of butterfly pea. This tea is rich in anthocyanins, so, supports the health of eyes and beauty of women.

Dried Fruits

Fruits from Kumamoto are made into dried fruits. There are also varieties specific to Japan. The dryer that made these dried fruits is a low-temperature vacuum microwave dryer. There are only two in Japan. The characteristic of this product is that it is dried at a low temperature in a short time so that it does not damage nutrition. You can keep nutrition of seasonal fruits as it is.